Questions to Ask Mobile Wedding Stylists Before Hiring Them

Let’s face it, brides usually have more to cover than their partners. This is because they need to find reliable mobile wedding stylists who can make them beautiful on their big day. This means they need to be dressed to the nines and be made up to look their best. When hiring a professional to do your look, here are some questions you should ask:

What is your background?

This is an important question to ask. This allows you to see who you’ll be working with and what kind of person they are. Moreover, this allows you to determine if their vibe is the same as yours.

Since these artists specialise in various areas, it’s best to ask if they have any experience handling weddings. As you know, this exciting yet stressful day can bring out a lot of emotions. Their experience in the industry will let you know their level of professionalism, their ability to calm brides and to work in various settings.

May I see your portfolio?

The artist’s portfolio will shed insight into their style. When it comes to weddings, you want to see if they have versatility, style and most of all, a good eye. If all her styles look similar to one another, it would be best to look for another stylist. However, if she shows range, you may want to talk to her about your plans and come up with a look that helps you achieve your desired outcome.

Do you charge a travel or location fee?

Many artists offer on-site location makeup services for your big day. Some may even offer to go to your place to squeeze in that much-needed trial run. For an extra fee, they can be wherever you need them to be, no matter the distance.

When hiring mobile wedding stylists, make sure to ask these questions and get everything in writing. With Bunny & Bohe, you will surely look great and blooming as you should. For more information, give them a call today.