Ideas for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Now that your partner has finally popped the question, it’s only right that you commemorate this special moment in your life through an engagement photo shoot.

By hiring the right production team for the job, you can create the most intimate and stellar-looking pictures you never thought you could pull off.

Here are ideas for your upcoming photo shoot after you’ve been engaged:

Boring Love

Do you imagine what your life would be like when you get married? Having coffee in the morning, walking your pet, reading books, watching tv, doing groceries etc. The ‘boring’ kind of love, which is also known as one of the most ideal types of relationship to have.

Use your everyday life as a theme for your shoot. You save on budget and you get to see the happy side of a married life.

Travel Buddy

Why not take advantage of the breathtaking views of your country? Travel to different places and let your photographer help you take the most amazing shots. It might be a costly production, but at least you get to travel with a purpose, right?

Favourite TV Show or Movie

If you have a TV or film couple you ship so hard, then why not be them for your pictorial? Save pictures of them together or compile some of your favourite scene from the TV show or movie and replicate it with your partner.

The Model in You

Have you ever imagined yourself being a celebrity and doing a pictorial for a billboard ad or magazine cover? Why not bring out the high-end model in your and in your partner by creating making your engagement pictorial worthy for a magazine cover.

Memory Lane

Are you marrying your childhood sweetheart, or do you just want to go back to the places where you had your first date, first kiss and other memorable moments together?

In fact, you can go the extra mile of replicating or wearing something similar to the clothes you used to back in the days. If you have a picture of it, the better.

Make your engagement photo shoot a memorable one by being creative about it. Visit Devotion Image’s website and enquire today!