Guide for Birthday Party Venue Hire

Deciding upon the best birthday party venue hire is essential to the overall success of your event. Guests can surely have fun if the celebration will be held in a location that adheres to their needs. Whilst looking for a perfect venue takes some time, it doesn’t have to be challenging. This is especially true if you follow these tips:

Size of The Place

The most important factor that you need to consider before renting a place is its capacity. Make sure to know the estimated number of guests as this will limit your venue options. It doesn’t make sense to hire a small venue if the attendees won’t fit.


Some companies offer different packages driven by a variety of factors. One of the influential factors is the size of the room. If you’re expecting one hundred guests for the party, it is just right to lease a big function room. Another factor that influences the price of the package is the additional services required for the event. May it be catering services, sounds and entertainment, you definitely should look for something that’s worth the money.

Air Conditioning

The temperature at the birthday party venue hire matters as this can affect the mood of guests. If the place is too hot or cold, attendees won’t feel comfortable and might leave the party early. As the host of the event, this is something that you must check and prioritise. See if the place has working cooling units that can regulate the room’s temperature.

Rest Rooms

For sure, guests need to use the bathroom during the party. They need to freshen up and pee. This is why you need to ensure that the place has enough bathroom facilities. Make sure that these are clean and maintained as well.

 A birthday bash needs to be fun and exciting. But this will only happen if you will hold it in a site that offers the features mentioned above. If you are looking for a place with these things, contact Dreux Bar Function Centre. For details regarding their function rooms, visit their website today.