Party Hire: Ideas in Hosting a Birthday

You usually see creative birthday posts on various social media platforms, why not get a throw a party with a theme? In fact, there are numerous creative ways you can add to your special day. From taking lots of Polaroid photos to hanging balloons on your ceiling, you don’t have to go big to have an awesome celebration.

Aside from a theme, you need is to get a party hire for the chairs, tables, glasses and cutlery that you use during your celebration.

Here are awesome ideas for your decorations to go with your birthday themed party:

  • Fairy Lights

Warm-coloured fairy lights have always been popular among parties with this theme. It provides a more intimate ambience to the celebration. Lucky for you, this is something provided by the party hire.

  • Polaroid Board

Instead of the usual hanged Polaroid photos from your ceiling, have them stuck in a board instead. This way, you get to keep it in your room when the celebration ends. Also, you don’t make it hard for your tall guests to move around.

  • Balloons on the ceiling

Another cheap way to decorate your event is by having small balloons floating on your ceiling. Simply buy ones that go well with the rest of your colour motif.

  • Creative photobooth

There are lots of ways you can decorate your photobooth. Just prepare retro glasses, flower crowns, fancy hats and grunge accessories for your guests to wear. You’ll have them completing the design of your backdrop.

  • Dining equipment

Of course, no celebration is complete without the important stuff such as glasses, chairs and tables, crockery and cutlery.

By having that out of the way, you can focus on other details such as the meals to be served and the decorations for your event.

By getting the services of Crackjack Party Hire, you don’t have to scout for the basic things you’d expect in an event. You can focus on the planning for the event. Leave the dining equipment, as well as the chairs, tables and utensils you’ll need for your big day to Crackjack’s team. Contact the team today!