How to Perform Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance is necessary to keep your plants healthy and strong. It’s an ongoing process and requires a lot of work, not to mention proper knowledge in horticulture. If you’re thinking of doing some work on your gardens, here are a few simple tips.

Never forget to water your plants.

Watering your plants is the only way to ensure they’re healthy. Flora gets nutrients from the soil and the sun. Most people think that splashing some water daily on their plants ensure that they’re hydrated. What most people don’t realise is that watering is much more complicated than that.

To be effective, water needs to seep into the soil to get to the plant. It is absorbed through the roots, which are planted deep underground. The type of soil and the level of water penetration are two important factors in water absorption. If the soil is packed too tight, liquids are unable to reach the roots. On the other hand, if it’s too loose, the plant could drown.

Make sure the soil is healthy.

The soil is the foundation on which all plant life grows. Certain types of dirt can make it hard for your flora to flourish. The two most common problems in a soil are:

  • Sand – When the soil has too much sand, it means it’s too dry and devoid of nutrients. No plant can grow under these conditions. Sandy soil is usually referred to as ‘infertile’.
  • Clay – Try taking some dirt in your hands. Add some water to it and see if you can squeeze it into a ball. If it does, you may have too much clay in your soil. This prevents the roots from growing and spreading. It also limits the oxygen your plants need to survive. Clay saturation is marked by a dark, reddish colour.

Hire a professional.

Hiring a professional gardener is an effective, stress-free way to ensure your plants are taken care of. They know how to keep your plants and soil healthy. Furthermore, they have knowledge of the proper methods to clean and restore your lawn, regardless of the climate.

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