Perks of Having a Wedding Videographer

Is having both wedding photos and videos too much? You may want to hire a wedding videographer but you cannot stop going back to the question – am I overdoing it?

Yes, pictures are worth are a thousand words. However, there are still moments much better in motion. Go back to the time you said “I do” with the help of a wedding videographer. Stop doubting. Here are relevant reasons that might convince you to view this service differently:

  • Live through the experience again – Bring yourself back to the day you tied the knot by watching your wedding video. Perhaps, you can organise a viewing party with your loved ones or future kids. How wonderful would that be?
  • Keep in the loop those who did not make it – As much as possible, you want every single person on your guest list to be there. But there are some unexpected situations that can prevent them from coming. They may not be physically present but they can still share the experience when you send them a video coverage,
  • Capture movements and sound – Reminiscing is better with movements and sound. By recording footages, you can really feel that you are back in the moment – something not possible in pictures.
  • Share it – Celebrate your union with more people. Even those who were not there can see the declaration of your love. In this modern world, it is easy to share your best moments with family and friends. You have the freedom to post it on Facebook, YouTube or any social media platform.

Do not regret not having a videographer. As beautiful it may be, your big day will go by quickly. Do not miss the chance of preserving it forever! Can you just imagine sitting on the couch with your partner and watching your wedding video ten years from now? With NYC Films, you can turn all this into reality. Visit the website of NYC Films and have no regrets in the future!