5 Main Qualities of a Good Wedding Photographer

If you’ve got an exceptional wedding photographer on your biggest day, congratulations. It means that you’re not going to worry even a second when the big day comes because a good wedding photographer will have you covered from shooting your engagement photos up to the wedding afterparty.

Wedding Photography


This is a non-negotiable requirement. Without being able to communicate with their clients, then they shouldn’t be one in the first place. Effective communication is essential in shooting photographs so that every frame will be worth it. From day one, they should be taking the time to talk to their clients.


If there’s no connection or bond between him and you there’s a chance that not everything will go as promised. Weddings are grand events that should be taken seriously. That said, it’s vital that the photographer maintains a relationship with the soon-to-be-married couple.


Without an artistic eye and a creative, skilled view for a good picture, the photos will suffer and end up unsatisfactory—which nobody wants to remember when reliving their wedding memories. After all, they’re hired to get the best out of each photograph and not the other way around.

It also helps if they’ve acquired a university degree specialising in photography or film because it’s proof that they’ve learned the basics and all. But it’s not really necessary. It’d all boil down to how they manage to beautifully spruce up a picture.


He must only be using the right shooting camera and editing software for the photographs. Photo-editing, even though it doesn’t seem to be that difficult, is time-consuming especially if it’s not a favourable shot.

Aside from these two, a spacious studio, bright lights, and other professional equipment should be used.


He should have a portfolio that he could show to showcase his past works. This will give you an idea of how efficient and capable a photographer is. You could also use it as a basis if he could actually deliver to you results that you want.

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