For a Luxurious Wedding Accommodation

For couples who are looking for a serene and beautiful wedding accommodation, the search is over because we got amazing rooms to offer. In celebrations like this, having a place to stay that’s near the church is a must. It helps to save time because the groom, bride and guests can easily arrive at the venue. This arrangement is becoming famous for weddings because it is practical. Guests have their own rooms to prepare and lounge after the party.

Our wedding accommodation packages vary from the type of rooms and the number of people to check in. We understand that being surrounded by your loved ones on your special day is important that’s why we offer discounts and other promotions.

Accessible Location

Your family and guests don’t need to travel for hours to reach our accommodation. Plus, it is near the churches in the area, so it is convenient for weddings and other events.

During the preparation, the bride can be at ease because she can spend more time to prepare. Since the church is near the area, the travel time isn’t a hassle. All the invited guests can freely lounge in the rooms whilst waiting for the ceremony to start.

Stay in Style

The best part about staying in our wedding accommodation are the rooms. The style and details on the place are just exceptional. Aside from the spacious room, you will enjoy the advanced gadgets installed in it.

You will be welcomed by a luxurious bed, nice bath and complimentary refreshments. Guests can also use facilities in the establishment and dine in the café. Overall, the experience is something to treasure because of the lovely treatment.

Exclusive Venue

If you want a more private venue, our accommodation should be your choice. We can let you and your guests to exclusively use the amenities in the place. This way, everyone can enjoy and feel at home.

Your wedding planner should handle all the stuff regarding this big event of yours. From wedding caterer, motif, flowers, photographers to name a few.